All members are encouraged to take an active role in the club.

Committee meetings are held on the second or third Tuesday of each month.
(The Tuesday before rally)

RCARC Committee Roles


Office Bearers




The President is responsible for ensuring the smooth and effective running of the club by acting as an ambassador for the club, representing the club at external meetings, chairs or presides at general meetings especially the AGM

Vice President Judy Quinn

The Vice President is responsible for supporting the President and committee members in running the club.

Treasurer /
Public Officer
Kerrie Tresize

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the club. They receive all the new membership monies, bills and give the Committee a monthly update on what our bank balance is, what are our incomings and outgoings are. They are authorised along with the President and Vice President to sign cheques on behalf of the Club

Club Secretary Marie Vandenberg

The Club Secretary is responsible for receiving all incoming club emails and sending out letters on behalf of the club, answering new club enquiries and sending out member information, keeping the club files and other administration duties.

Rally Coordinator Rebecca

The Rally Coordinator is responsible for organising the RCARC rallies. This includes arranging instructors, grounds, collecting moneys and getting feedback from members on the rallies and preferred instructors

Membership OfficerMarie Vandenberg 

Committee Members


Leanne Showler

Sally Bell

Committee Members are responsible for attending monthly committee meeting and have a say and make decisions on the running of the club